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2 in 1 Hair Bakhoor Comb

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Smell like an Arabian Goddess, All Day! Everyday!

 2-in-1 Hair Bakhoor is a must-have for those who desire a long-lasting and captivating aroma for their hair and the first of its kind. Infused with the enchanting scent of your favourite oud, this unique product offers a dual function, combining the benefits of a hair accessory and a fragrance all in one. Leave a trail of elegance wherever you go. 

Key Benefits

Hair has never been better:

✔ Infuses hair with a long-lasting scent - A scent experience that lingers for over 48 hours.

✔ Gentle on Hair - Gentle and nurturing experience for your hair through oud diffusion rather than harsh perfumes and oils.

✔ Instantly eliminate unpleasant odours, frizz, and enhance texture - Tame frizz and create a smooth, sleek appearance

✔ Completely heat-free - A heat-free solution to ensure hair health and vitality.

✔ Versatile and Inclusive - With 2 attachments included, the hairbrush attachment is ideal for straight hair, while the diffuser attachment is designed specifically for curly hair. 

✔ Take it with you anywhere - Compact and portable design to take it on-the-go, whether you're traveling or attending an event.

This product includes:

1 x The Herb Garden Bakhoor Device 

1 x Comb Attachment 

1 x Diffuser Attachment 

1 x Charging Cable 

1 x Cleaning Brush 

1 x Oud Picker

Note - Oud is not included with the device due to scent preference. Any oud of your choice can be used with our hair bakhoor as it refillable and rechargeable. Feel free to check out the link in our bio to purchase oud in above options.

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